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Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited. All of us have to share the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and precious resources, and each of us has a role to play in preserving them. If we are to go on living together on this earth, we must all be responsible for it.

Kofi Annan

We are a young dynamic company. We bring you a simple and affordable solution for production of electricity from water suitable for everyone. Our DNA is 3E: Ecology, Economy and Energy. This means that our solution is not only economically efficient, but also environmentally friendly, which was from the beginning one of our main goals. We believe that our product can significantly contribute to the improvement of climate in the world and we will be able to have a much more clean energy than before.

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Chief Executive director

Successful communicator, advisor and leader. Graduated at Comenius University in Intercultural communication and Chinese language. He has spent 20+ years exploring China, every year comes to China and develops long term intensive contacts with this country.

Mgr. Milan Ivan
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Chief Technical Director

Father of “floating water wheel”. He was studying energetics since secondary school and later worked in energy sector as an engineer. In 2002 he started R&D of electricity producing devices and devices for lowering fuel consumption. He is a holder of several patents in this two areas.

Vladimír Müller
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Chief Financial Officer

Successful Slovak businessman of Chinese origin, the last two decades has dedicated to business activities not only in Slovakia and neighboring countries of the EU, but also in different parts of China.

Chen Qingsong



3E MILL is a hydropower generator. It was designed with 4 main goals in our minds. To be as environmentally friendly as possible. With no permanent impact on river’s fauna and flora. To be easily installed and deinstalled. It’s arm can park it automatically on river’s bank. To be very versatile. With different sizes we are able to harness energy from almost any river, big and small. To be a affordable. The payback period of 3E MILL is one of a kind in the whole industry, less than 4 years.



Harnessing most utilizable renewable energy source on the planet — water. No permanent impact on river’s environment, fauna or flora.


The payback period of 3E MILL is one of a kind in the whole industry, less than 4 years.


With different sizes we are able to harness energy from almost any river, big and small.



The idea of the water mill that serves as a generator that is „powering” other devices is quite old and dates back hundreds of years. These days at the beginning of 21st century we live in an age of innovation where the growth in technological development is exponential. It is during this time the idea of 3E MILL (our hydro energy producing water mill) came to be. Our intention is to use a system that has been historically proven to work for hundreds of years (and is still in use today) in combination with today’s hi-tech technologies. By incorporating (implementing, using) these technologies with this proven system, we take advantage of the highest possible potential of both worlds: technological and natural.

Following our intention and today’s possibilities a whole new device was designed from scratch with these 4 main goals in mind. To be as environmentally friendly as possible. This was for us one of the most important aspects of 3E MILL. To create a renewable energy solution with the lowest possible environmental impact on the river. By integrating all the needed machinery inside the body of 3E MILL and designing an arm that allows 3E MILL to float on the water — we achieved our goal exactly. (A robust but at the same time compact solution.) Thanks to these solutions 3E MILL is producing clean renewable energy with almost no permanent impact on the river’s environment whatsoever.

Another main goal when designing 3E MILL was achieving simple maintenance. As mentioned before 3E MILL is equipped with an arm, which can put it (automatically) on a rivers bank anytime. This technical solution helps in lots of ways. In case there would be big trees or other obstructions (such as waste) flowing in the river, or for maintenance reasons only, 3E MILL has the option to be parked on the rivers bank anytime it’s needed. This makes maintenance a breeze.


It is very versatile. With different power outputs, sizes and designs we are able to harness energy from almost any kind of river, big, small, fast or slow. As it is floating and rotating on the river, it automatically adapts to the speed and height of the water. These various specifications and aspects of 3E MILL enable us to install it almost anywhere. It than can take advantage of the 24h, 7days a week and most of the time 365 days per year — river flow. With 3E MILL we harness the most utilizable energy source on our planet – water. This enables us to power anything from houses, to factories up to entire cities and even more. With the versatility and scalability of 3E MILL the applications are truly endless.

It is affordable. By continuing with the previous advantages of 3E MILL and water it becomes obvious, that rivers are much better energy source than Sun or wind. Their energy harnessing potential is almost 365 days a year from one single place. No other renewable energy source can compete with this consistency. The Sun does not shine consecutively in one place for 24hrs and there are only a few locations on earth which can effectively harness the wind’s energy 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – like water. So the combination of the tremendous potential of water energy and our innovative technology has resulted in one of a kind payback period in the industry. Less than 4 years. Still not convinced why 3E MILL is so special?

Did you know that hydropower is today among the most frequently used sources of energy in the world? Large hydro power facilities use the most of hydro power equipment. However, the production of hydropower will become possible also for many potential ordinary consumers — essentially anyone who has access to this natural resource. Although hydropower is among the most frequently used sources of energy, the current equipment for its production are not completely environmentally friendly. Their construction often requires a deep intervention into the surrounding countryside, which irreversibly signatures on the nature of the environment and reduces its value. Waterwheel generator 3E MILL offers a solution to this problem.


Highest utilizable average hours

Water: 8300 hrs. per year. Solar: 2300 hrs per year. Wind 2500 hrs. per year.

Very Versatile

Possible to instal on almost any river, big and small.

Payback Period

One of a kind payback period in its industry, less than 4 years.

Communities Approved

Suitable for sustainable off-grid communities.

Environmentally friendly

No permanent impact on rivers environment fauna and flora.

Easy installation

Uses automatic arm to take it off and back in to the water by simple push of a button.

Smart Grid

On-grid and Off-grid installation ready.

Minimal Land Coverage

Compared with photovoltaics it covers only minimal area.

Monitoring system, guaranted safety.

The device is connected to a camera remote control monitoring system 24h/day, safety is guaranted.



3E MILL a.s.
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